Dyari Real Estate Development Company was founded with a clear vision in line with the 2030 vision of our beloved kingdom, to be the most creative and professional real estate company. In order to, achieve this ambitious vision, we have developed a precise strategic business plan and we have woven the threads of creativity and professionalism within the company’s formation.
What distinguishes Dyari is the great experience of the company’s founders, Salah Al Rashid and his sons LLC and Abraji Real Estate Company, as well as the ambition and efficiency of the team and their dedication to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers. At Dyari, we pledge to provide our customers with innovative residential and commercial real estate products and solutions that meet their needs at competitive prices, and we are committed to serving them with all credibility and professionalism because we belief that our customers’ satisfaction is the foundation of our success.

General Manager
Talal Mohammed Alsalem


To be the most creative and professional real estate company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


To enrich our society and gain the trust of our clients and partners through the establishment and realization of the principle of credibility and professionalism with all, and the continued development of high-end and unique real estate projects governed by strategic planning, design creativity, precision in implementation and innovation in marketing and finance.


  • Credibility & Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Social Responsibility

Our Partners