About Diyaris

“Diyari” is a real estate company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was founded through a partnership between Salah Al-Rashid and Sons Company and Abragy Real Estate Company, both of which have extensive experience in the real estate industry. Diyari Company strongly emphasizes the importance of real estate and its role in local economic development. Building on this awareness, the company has studied the real estate market's needs and developed a precise strategy rooted in a clear vision.

The company aims to become the most innovative and distinguished real estate company in the Kingdom. Diyari Company offers innovative real estate products and solutions and a diverse range of projects that meet its clients needs with credibility and professionalism. The company seeks comprehensive real estate services, including property development, project management, and property marketing and sales. With their extensive experience and innovative spirit, Diyari Company aims to excel in the real estate industry and comprehensively and reliably meet the needs of its clients.


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Diyari Real Estate in Saudi Arabia embraces the name 'Diyari' to showcase its commitment to local culture and heritage, offering innovative real estate solutions with professionalism and social responsibility.

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